Absorbable Fillers Available From DermaShine


Absorbable Fillers Available From DermaShine


The new super charged beauty treatments from revolutionary cosmeceutical brand (Juvilis) with a new technology that enhances absorption through skin follicles is available at DermaShine .

For the first time, a cosmetic line uses the same Fillers that are injected in aesthetic medicine. Follicular absorption allows these Fillers to penetrate into deeper skin layers. These powerful topically applied beauty treatments are the perfect alternative for those nervous about injectable fillers, or those wanting a higher-grade performance cream than is available on the high street and for a similar price.

At DermaShine we off the full range of Anti-Aging Juvilis products including:

  • Day lotion (Targets: Anti-Aging, Lifting, Protecting)
  • Beauty Serum (Targets: Revitalising, Energizing, Beauty Flash)
  • Eye Complex (Targets: Wrinkles, Circles, Puffiness)
  • Night Cream (Targets: Repairing, Firming, Anti-Wrinkle)

Our clients are already enjoying the benefits of these creams and the feedback has been fantastic.

The night cream is absolutely exceptional. I have always used Estee Lauders Night Repair serum and found it to be great quality. But this cream was even better. My skin looks plumper and well moisturised when I get up in the morning. Although it is slightly more expensive you get much more in the container and a little bit goes a long way.

The Juvilis pricelist:

Day lotion 50ml = £90

Night cream 50ml =£ 100

Beauty serum 30ml =£ 120

Eye complex 15ml = £80

These are supplied in airless bottles (airless jar for the night cream) so the device expels every last drop. You just need 1-2 drops ( 1/2 drop for the eye complex) – so should last.

If you would like more information about absorbable HA fillers available at DermaShine, please comment below or contact us on 01392 690777, email client@dermashine.co.uk with the subject JUVILIS.




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