Finding the best aesthetics practitioner

The perfect practitioner

Finding the best aesthetics practitioner

Finding the right aesthetics practitioner for you

There is no denying medical aesthetics can produce absolutely wonderful results. To ensure you get the desired outcome, it is of the utmost importance to find the right aesthetic practitioner. Not only will they need to be qualified and capable, but also offer support right from consultation through to the post procedure results.

Here are the DermaShine top tips for finding the perfect aesthetics practitioner so that you get the results you deserve.

Do your research

There are a number of professions that can offer aesthetic injectables: Doctors, Dentists, & Nurse prescribers. Check independent reviews (not testimonials on their own website) like Facebook and Google places to see what their clients have to say. Listen to your friend’s recommendations as these are likely to be the most accurate.

Are they qualified?

Check to see if your practitioner is qualified to carry out the procedures they are administering. Ask to see certification or check online.

Ask for a free consultation

Speaking to the practitioner who will be carrying out your treatment will give you the best indication whether they are right for you. It is also a good time to establish if the treatment you have requested is the right one for you. Often people come to us asking for one procedure when another is more suitable.

Ask to see previous work

At DermaShine many of our clients request that their aesthetic treatments are not posted online/on social media but are happy for us to show them in clinic. All practitioners should have a portfolio of their work for you to have a look at.

Go with your instincts

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is and is it really worth the risk? We’ve all seen what happens when injectables go wrong, let’s make sure you only experience when injectables go right.

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