How Aqualyx® Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Body

How Aqualyx® Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Body

If you eat sensibly and exercise regularly, it can be frustrating to find that your favourite jeans are too tight, for example, or your arms aren’t as shapely as you’d like. Even when people try hard to look after their bodies, the vast majority still have ‘problem areas’ that are resistant to change, no matter how many diets they try or trips to the gym they make.

Men’s and women’s problem areas come in all shapes and sizes – jowls, flabby arms, wobbly thighs, ‘love handles’, lipomas (benign lumps) and more – but they’re all caused by the same thing: stubborn fat deposits. Those deposits stand between you and your ideal physique.

What’s more, if you feel dissatisfied with particular parts of your body, you may find that feeling intensifies during the summer. At this time of year, everyone wants to look their best, whether they’re hitting the beach on an exotic holiday or sunbathing in the park.

Achieve your dream body with Aqualyx

Make Problem Areas a Thing of the Past

You work hard to stay fit and healthy; you deserve to be happy with what you see in the mirror, instead of allowing problem areas to get in the way of looking – and feeling – good.

You may find yourself wishing that your body’s pockets of fat would simply disappear, as if by magic. Although there isn’t a magic wand you can wave in order to ‘zap’ irritating fat deposits, there is a highly effective cosmetic treatment that will target and remove them: Aqualyx®, the fat-dissolving solution.

We’re delighted that, from August 2016, Aqualyx® will be part of our medical aesthetics services. Why not make this year the one in which you transform your figure?

From Body-Conscious to Body-Confident

Your body stores fat so that it has an additional source of energy in case, at some point in the future, your energy requirements aren’t completely fulfilled by the food you eat. Nowadays, most people don’t experience the kind of food shortages that were common during their ancestors’ lifetimes, and so their bodies are unlikely to need all the stored fat. As a result, problem areas, where fat deposits are particularly concentrated, can easily appear.

Aqualyx® is designed to tackle those ‘trouble spots’ by liquefying fat cells, so that the fatty acids (or ‘lipids’) previously stored in them can be removed by the body. This innovative treatment contains a synthetic variant of a substance found naturally in the body, called deoxycholic acid. Its fat-dissolving properties are the key to the whole process. In effect, Aqualyx® dissolves unwanted fat in problem areas in order to create a more attractive physique. It can therefore help you to go from feeling body-conscious to body-confident.

Sculpt and Shape Your Figure

A major advantage of Aqualyx® is that it’s a non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. You can sculpt and shape your body without the anxiety, stress and inconvenience associated with going under the knife. Aqualyx® is injected directly into the fat tissue beneath the skin, using flexible cannulas. Thanks to the local anaesthetic, the treatment is almost painless.

The number of appointments needed for the best results varies between individuals. You can expect about three to five, with three-week intervals. The treatment’s side effects (such as swelling, skin irritation and bruising) tend to be short-lived and not too troublesome.

The ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of people who’ve tried Aqualyx® speak for themselves.

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