Wrinkle Reducing Treatments: Getting it Right and Keeping Safe

Wrinkle Reducing Treatments: Getting it Right and Keeping Safe

We have all heard of the stars of stage and screen and their crazy ways to keep themselves looking young and fabulous. You may have even seen how some people have taken this all a little too far and ended up looking decidedly strange.

So what do you need to know about wrinkle reducing treatments such as Botox?

BOTOX: Getting it Right and Keeping Safe

A Simple Procedure

In recent years, the market for wrinkle reducing treatments such as Botox has grown exponentially. Since there is limited regulation in this area and the fact that this is a relatively simple process, anti wrinkle treatments such as Botox injections are now being made available through beauty salons as well as through private cosmetic medical firms. Also, thanks to the rise of the internet, many people are now obtaining ‘injectables ‘themselves and having ‘Botox parties’ – rather like people have ‘Avon Parties’ or the like.

However, there is a serious potential downside to all this. Although the procedure is relatively simple, if it is done incorrectly, the consequences can be quite serious. The same substance that, when used by an experienced professional, can banish wrinkles and add ‘plumpness’ and a look of youthful vigour to parts of us that are showing the strains of age, can seriously adversely affect our features if administered sloppily or incorrectly.

Is Botox Regulation The Answer?

Until UK legislation catches up with the current trend, the person in the street may be wondering what they can do to safely obtain this simple cosmetic procedure. The answer is straightforward – go to a cosmetic health professional.

You may see Botox injections, plus instructional DVDs, online, and think that you can save money on this process by doing it yourself. You may have been invited to one of these Botox parties where someone with limited experience is willing to administer the substance for a low cost. Our advice is that it is simply not worth the risk.

At best you may not get the most noticeable or long-lasting results as you would from a medical professional, at worst you could end up with drooping facial features or even partial paralysis.

Rejuvenate and Celebrate!

The truth is that wrinkle reducing injections such as Botox treatments, when carried out by healthcare professional, are a valued part of the cosmetic industry. Any risks involved are entirely minimised as long as you are willing to take the time to find the right person to administer the treatment. Don’t be tempted to DIY – this is not the same as sticking up fresh wallpaper or shelves, and a wrong move can be a lot more costly!

Wrinkle reducing treatments such as Botox are one of the most widely-used cosmetic procedures around, partly because it is so versatile. You will be amazed at the results that can be achieved from just a few well-placed treatments. It can be used to re-shape certain facial features, like eyebrows, and also to banish frown lines and wrinkles. It is not a permanent treatment, and recovery time is very short, with the full benefit of the treatment being visible after only a few days to a week. Book yourself a consultation to find out what benefits you could gain.

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