Driver Medicals – The Facts You Need to Know

Driver Medicals – The Facts You Need to Know

If you are driving in any other capacity than private use – any kind of professional use – the chances are that you will need to have medical certification to show that you are fit to drive. For most people this is just a formality and involves a personal declaration of fitness. However, there are some instances in which a more rigorous testing procedure is needed. It is in these cases that ‘driver medicals’ are required.

Those applying for a taxi-driver licence or an HGV/LGV license will need to have a medical before they are awarded a licence. There are also certain medical conditions that, in some circumstances can impact a person’s ability to drive. Licensing, in this case, will be dependent on proving that the medical condition is being appropriately managed so that it poses no significant threat to the person’s driving ability.

Also, from the age of 45, both taxi and HGV drivers must have a medical every five years in order to retain their licences.

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Driver Medicals


Taxi Licensing

Anyone applying for a taxi license will need to have a medical certificate awarded by a registered medical professional. In many circumstances, your GP will be able to do this for you. Some councils insist on people using their own GPs for this. However, this is not always the case.

If you are not currently registered with your GP or need to get your medical certification in a timely and efficient manner, it may be worth your while contacting a private Doctor who specialises in driver medicals. You will find that private practitioners often have a much lower, or even zero waiting time to get your appointment.

Finding a Doctor who specialises in driver medicals can make a big difference. They are often more familiar with the application process and the various requirements necessary, and also the steps to take immediately to ensure those requirements are met. They know how to make sure you can get your license with no administrative delay.

HGV/LGV Licensing

Many of the same regulations that apply to taxi drivers also apply to HGV drivers. In most cases they are merely a formality and are no different from those requirements to hold a normal licence – except that a personal declaration is not enough. Some people need to wear glasses to drive, for example, and are expected to be able to show that they are taking regular action to ensure their prescription driving glasses are up to date.

Those suffering from a serious health condition, like heart disease or diabetes mellitus, need to be able to produce evidence that they are taking the appropriate measures to manage their condition.

If you are over 45, then you will need to have a medical to renew your licence, and a medical every five years to retain your licence. It can be extremely handy to always use the same service to obtain your driver medical. Your GP may change in five years if you have to move with work, or simply because of staff turnover.

Using a firm that specialises in driver medicals will ensure that you always have an appointment with someone who knows this in and outs of making sure you are in a fit state to obtain your licence with the minimum of fuss.

DermaShine provide HGV and LGV medicals for £40. Call on 01392 690777 to make your appointment.

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