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Cheek fillers

Enhance volume, add hydration and contour. Restore a younger, healthier more refreshed appearance.The objective of treatment is to replace or enhance facial volume and restore the youthful curves of the face:

  • Volumising fillers give instant results
  • They can be used to restore volume loss
  • These fillers can last up to 18 months
  • Injections are a safe means of enhancing youthful fullness

Volumising fillers

Volumising fillers are used deep below the skins surface to provide the support and structure needed to add natural looking volume and restore the youthful contours of the face. One of the main changes that occur to our face over time is volume loss.

Our cheeks, for example are generally at their most voluminous and smooth when we are babies. The overall shape & contour of the face changes with age. As we get older the egg can start to turn upside down. This is because over time we gradually lose facial volume, our skin becomes thinner and the effects of gravity can become apparent.

Increasingly becoming a corner-stone of facial rejuvenation, we understand that restoring the soft tissues of the face by adding volume will create a natural and youthful appearance for our clients.

In Clinic Treatment Procedure

Treatment always starts with a consultation, in which you will be asked some questions regarding the treatment. This will help to assess and determine where treatment is best suited for each individual. Numbing gel will be applied. After treatment you will be booked in for a follow up, to make sure you are happy.

What to Expect

After treatment, you can go back to normal activities and you will notice instant improvements.

A few days following treatment you can expect to look even more refreshed and youthful as the product brings further hydration to the area.