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Tear Trough Treatment in Exeter & Newton Abbot

Give your eyes the youthful touch

If you always look tired even after you’ve had a good night’s sleep it can be disheartening and make you look older than your years. Tear Trough Treatment is a non-surgical quick eye-lift that can restore your looks instantly.

What are Tear Troughs?

Tear Trough FillerTear troughs are semi-circular creases/depressions which start at the nose and run along the bottom of the lower eyelid just above the cheek bone. These depressions can produce the illusion of darkening around the eyes resulting in ‘dark circles’ or ‘tired eyes’. As we age, the eyelid above and cheek below begin to sag however the depression cannot sag with the rest of the facial skin due to its ligamentous attachment to the bone of the eye socket. This results in the depression deepening and the shadow and dark circle becoming more noticeable.

Tear trough filler or non-surgical eye bag removal is one of the most popular treatments here at DermaShine. The results are instant and our clients are thrilled with the natural results achieved in a simple 30 minute procedure.

What is the Tear Trough filler treatment like?

The treatment is performed using a hyaluronic acid injectable gel filler. It is placed meticulously with a very fine micro needle under the skin surface along the line of the hollow.  This replaces lost volume and at the same time retains skin hydration. All of the dermal filler products used at our clinics contain pain-reducing lidocaine (local anesthetic) for a comfortable treatment experience. We also administer a local anesthetic for maximum comfort.

Tear Trough Treatment can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. The treatment benefits can be seen instantly and do not affect facial expression. This is a very delicate area of the face and we take extreme care to ensure the procedure is done comfortably and give you the results you desire immediately.


What do our clients say?

Mandy Newby
I have always been troubled with deep depressions under my eyes and felt they made me look a lot older than my years and always tired. I approached DermaShine after months of researching local practitioners and from the initial consultation knew I was in the best possible hands. The treatment itself was pain free (aside from a sting when the local anesthetic was administered) and only took 30 mins. The results were instant. I had a bit of post procedure swelling but this soon subsided and I am overjoyed with the results. My only complaint is that I should have done it sooner.

Tear Trough Filler Treatment

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